Student Travel Award GUIDELINES

Applications are now open

The Life Course Centre (LCC) Student Travel Award is an opportunity for LCC Higher Degree Research (HDR) students to develop new skills through training, professional development, mentoring and networking.

Funding is available to promote exchange and capacity building with national and international organisations (industry, government and NGO’s) and LCC university partners.

Supported Activities

Supported activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in formal training;
  • Receiving mentorship or informal training from a senior researcher at an international or national organisation;
  • Attending professional development courses or workshops;
  • Undertaking a placement with industry, government or NGO organisation; or
  • A combination of the above listed activities.


  • Duration: funding is available for visits up to one month.
  • Allowable expenses: airfares, accommodation, course fees and registration and a per diem meals and incidentals allowance for the duration of the exchange.
  • Award value:  the value of the award will be based on a budget application for the purposes of supported activities for the duration of the travel. Applications should not exceed $4,000 for domestic travel and $6,000 for international travel. The value of the grant is not intended to cover all costs of the proposed travel. Students are also encouraged to investigate co-funding opportunities where possible.
  • Scheme value: Annual value of up to $18,000
  • Timeframes: The Scheme will be open for submissions three times each year, round one will close April 14th, round 2 will close 14th July and round 3 will close 17th  November. Awards will be announced no later than three weeks after the round closes. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The activity in the proposal should be complete within twelve months of the award


  • Life Course Centre HDR students who have attained the equivalent of UQ’s confirmation milestone or have completed a minimum of one year study in the HDR program
  • Have no overdue milestone at the time of application or equivalent delays in the progression of the HDR
  • Complete travel before the thesis final progress review or equivalent
  • Have support from their Principal Supervisor
  • Approval from host organisation (if required) for the activity in the application


  1. Discuss your proposal with your Supervisor and obtain their support.
  2. If support is required from a host organisation liaise with the LCC Centre Manager to discuss the strategy for contacting and gaining support from the host.
  3. Complete the application form which will include:
    1. An outline of the proposed activity during the travel
    2. Information concerning the travel – i.e. proposed dates, location, host contact details
    3. Statement of support from your principle supervisor
    4. Calculation of costs including economy airfare, accommodation, registration fees, per diem meals & incidentals allowance. Costs for visas, insurance, and health cover are not covered under this award
    5. Benefits expected to accrue to the applicant and the Life Course Centre
    6. Statement against the Assessment Criteria
  4. Submit application or assessment to

Online Application

Assessment Process

The Capacity Building Portfolio Committee will assess the applications for eligibility and against the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement and potential for scholastic success;
  • The significance and relevance of the proposed use of the scholarship to the applicant’s research higher degree candidature;
  • The potential for developing the candidate’s skills;
  • The potential for the proposed use of the scholarship to expedite the completion and enhance the quality of the applicant’s thesis; and
  • The potential impact of the contribution to LCC research and capacity building.

In addition, when ranking applications the committee will consider other aspects such as: the summary of activity and outputs, the partners being engaged (with priority given to new partners), budget (value for money e.g. multiple activities during one visit), the supervisor statement, host support statement, and outcomes delivered if the applicant has previously received an award. Co-funding will also be looked on favorably.

Notification of Outcome

Applicants will be notified of the outcome roughly two weeks after the round close date. Consideration of this timeframe should be included when planning activities in the proposal.

Successful applicants will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements including flights and accommodation.  Students are also expected to make their own visa, insurance, and health cover arrangements (which are not funded under the Award) and to familiarise themselves with other key information regarding overseas travel.

Distribution of Funding

Funds will be allocated as a scholarship to the recipient of the award. 

Reporting Requirements

At the conclusion of travel and within one month of return participants must:

  • Complete a brief report outlining their experience, learnings, and next steps from the Award and a summary of the visit outcomes. This report will be shared with both the home and host organisation and will be submitted to the LCC Executive;
  • Provide a brief reconciliation of expenditure and return any unspent funds to UQ; and
  • Agree to the publication of details of the travel (including expected activity outcomes) in LCC newsletters, Annual reports or on the LCC websites which will include acknowledgement of LCC support.


Submit Report

Contacts for Assistance

Queries regarding the scheme should be directed in the first instance to the Life Course Reporting and Analysis Coordinator, Lisa Pope